So vs Such

English Grammar Rules

The following rules explain the difference between So and Such in English.

So … that, Such … that

We use so ... that, such ... that:

a) to show a fact (usually with a result or consequence)

b) to show extreme feelings or an opinion about something

SO with adjectives and adverbs

so + adjective/adverb + that + result

SUCH + Nouns

such + a + (adjective) + singular noun + that + result
(It is common to put an adjective before the noun)

such + plural/uncountable noun + that + result

SO / SUCH in exclamations

In exclamations we drop the word 'that' and use:

i) such + noun (singular/plural)
ii) so + adjective


This is used to talk about a particular type of person or thing that doesn't need to be specified. It is an unstated generic placeholder.

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